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"Creative Re-Use"

Center for the Arts Evergreen
January 11 – February 8, 2019     Opening Reception: January 18, 4
:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Center for the Arts Evergreen is pleased to present our annual Member Show: Creative Re-Use sponsored by LIV Sotheby’s Realty Evergreen. The exhibition demonstrates approaches to reusing, recycling, or reclaiming as a way of showing the possibilities that lie in materials. Additionally, Center for the Arts Evergreen is collaborating with the Evergreen Sustainability Alliance to provide a zero waste exhibition opening reception on January 11th.

Artist Bio

As with most artists, we have always been! Of course, there was coloring and scrapbooking as a child. Creating something, anything, throughout my life, gave me pleasure and purpose. As an adult, I’ve taken many painting and sculpting classes. But I didn’t start carving until my husband gave me chisels, a hammer, and a stone; see Moon Struck in the Alabaster Gallery. After that, the Marble/marble Symposium in Marble, Colorado, captured my heart for over a decade. Then I discovered bronze. Loving pen and ink have remained in my background charming me. Although formal classes gave me structure, most of my creating has been both instinctual and inspirational. To my delight, my "playing" has earned awards and collectors.

Artist Statement

I am a stoner, but I don’t smoke...I carve rocks! When I find a stone that appeals to me, I’ll set it aside, sometimes for over a decade. I look at it occasionally, or just think about the shape and color, imagining what I want it to be. This is the “work” part. Then it just happens! I either see an image that will “fit” the stone or I just start carving; now I am “playing.” I enjoy this direct carving method, without an image or model. At times, I will make a maquette in clay and use it as a guide. Then I chip and grind until I am saturated and satisfied with what I see. Occasionally, I'll make a mold from a stone sculpture to make a bronze piece. In the end, I hope others will enjoy my playing.