15"H x 12"W x 5"D

Black Granite / Rotating Base

This piece started as a fountain of seven hearts flowing, celebrating seven years of marriage. It sat dormant for the next twenty years, go figure! Then it was resurrected, adding more hearts. We enjoy listening to the flowing fountain of life's water cascading, continuing in a cycle of hearts, and of course, the wildlife finds it refreshing.

13"H x 12"W x 5"D

Black Granite Base

Lean on Me


Rosa Portogallo Salmonato Marble

Frances A Listou

When I start with a very large piece of marble, some smaller pieces are tossed aside. I'll forget them until I'm looking for something else. Recently, when I saw these bits, I was inspired. These slices made me think of the song, "Lean on Me."

 Colorado Yule Marble

Back View

In 1999, we brought this marble back from Carrera, Italy, in a suitcase! It was an interesting piece from a quarry coring of a large block. It sat high on a shelf for over two decades. Finally, deciding I should do something with it, I took it to the studio. Looked at it some more. An Eagle came to mind, probably because of the top edge depicting the outline of an Eagle that I didn't see until someone mentioned it after I painted the Eagle. My husband saw in the grain a water stream flowing from the other peak; thus, the trees and mountains.  And of course, I just had to keep the raw stone.

​I love how this evolved.

Fan Shell

Colorado Yule Marble

with very rare copper veining​

This is another stone we brought back from our Italy visit in 1999.  The block sat on my shelf, floor, counter, where ever there was space. I just couldn't start chipping without a vision for this precious stone. So I waited and waited and waited. Finally, one day in the summer of 2015 walking past it, I saw it. This carving was sheer pleasure and joy. I love petting it!




​​​Fine Art


Eagle's View

Colorado Yule Marble  

showing unique copper veining​

Marble gallery

9"H x 5"W x 7"D

Black Marble Base

This spectacular piece is one of my husband's favorites. When a large chunk broke off of a much larger piece I was working on, this moon showed up. Great things come from accidents!


24"H x 13"W x 14"D

When I start blocking a very large piece of marble,  smaller pieces are made and tossed aside; put in a container because I hate to throw stones away.

I'll come across these pieces after a while.  Recently, when I saw this chunk, I had an impulse to show this unique stone. I like the copper streak (which is not common) and the peek of a little bit of raw stone. 

Colorado Yule Marble and Red Rock

Colorado Yule Marble 

Carrera Wave

Carrera Gold Marble

This marble piece was a direct carving created for a friend. Neither realizing nor intentional, the piece depicted my friend's marriage relationship. Two people, with joined hearts, having different views of life, causing rough times, but always together, solid as a rock.  Much later, I made a bronze from this sculpture. (See the Bronze section)

My inspiration for this piece was the stone itself. I was rummaging through my "scrap" box, found this stone and said, "hmm...this is good!" When possible, I like to keep the natural raw cut of the stone.

10"H x 4"W x 4"D

Black Marble Base


12"H x 10"W x 4"D

Granite Base

Tapered Obelisk

6"H x 6"W x 4"D

Black Granite Turntable Base

Different Views, 

Joined in Heart,

Solid as a Rock

I was so pleased when three of my stone pieces were accepted in theGilpin 72nd Annual Juried Art Show 2019 - Flame, Horse Flower, and Fan Shell. But was surprisingly delighted when Flame won 2nd 3D Place.

12"H x 19"W x 5"D  

Black Granite Base  

Colorado Yule Marble  

showing unique copper veining​