All Alone Now


14" x 11"

  20 Limited Edition Prints 


11" x 14"

20 Limited Edition Prints 


11" x 14"

20 Limited Edition Prints 

I penned, in sepia, this from a black/white photo that captured my heart's attention. A young man, Sam Hamilton, in the service, finding some time to fish. His slight smile says he was pleased to have a "good catch".

Good Catch

Frances A Listou

Tasting the Waters

Grandma's Favorite

​​​Fine Art

A friend's photo of her nephew struck my heart and reminded me of my first water adventures. The curiosity as a child should remain in adults.

While traveling somewhere, this old cabin caught my eye and sole. I couldn't help but wonder what life was there and why it left.  

My grandmother's favorite flower was the Bleeding Heart. In my early fifties, the plant became mine. Since it is a summer outdoor plant, I wanted to draw it to have indoors so I quickly captured it with pen and ink. Now it's a pleasant reminder of Mom's mom.

New Cut for Candice

11" x 14"

20 Limited Edition Prints 

Candice was a neighbor of mine back in the '80s. Her hair was cut short for her first day of school. This upset her. We talked a while. I don't remember the conversation but have loved her expressions captured in my photos that I recently put them to pen and ink.



11" x 14"

 20 Limited Edition ​Prints